What is Vibe Carwash height limit?

We love having a massive variety of cars, trucks (sorry no dually truck),  vans and SUVs come through the wash at Vibe Carwash Express Tunnel. 

Car Wash Clearance

A common frequently asked question from our guests is if there are any limits to the car wash clearance and its max height.

To avoid any potential damage to your vehicle or those around you, we always want to make sure your vehicle will fit inside our tunnel.

The height limit for vehicles at Vibe Carwash is 84 inches.

We want to make sure you’re satisfied with your experience. Indeed, we would all rather be safe than sorry.

If your vehicle is close to the 84-inch limit or you’re unsure of your actual height, please confirm with a team member before entering the wash. They’d be happy to help!

Our goal is to make sure you love your ride. Let’s get there together. Clean Waves Ahead.