Vibe Carwash offers Premium, Deluxe, and Classic exterior express washes, Unlimited Wash Club Memberships, and Free Vacuums.

Vibe Club members will enjoy easy enrollment, no long-term contracts, and additional savings when adding more cars to their plan.

Choose from one of our wash packages, and we will have your vehicle clean and shining in no time.

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Vibe Car Wash Pricing Menu.

The Latest Equipment
When you enter our wash, your car will be cleaned, shined, and dried in under 4 minutes.

We are Three Lanes Fast
Even when you see a line, you’ll get through in just a few minutes. Our lines move quickly since we can wash 100+ cars every hour.

Get Dirty. Stay Clean.

Clean Car Guarantee
If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll rewash your car on the spot.*

Fast Service
Our team members are friendly and skilled at getting customers through quickly.

Inside and Out
Free vacuums, mat washer, and micro-fiber detailing towels help give luster to your car’s insides.

* Rewashes available for Deluxe and Premium washes.
When your car shines on the outside, we smile on the inside.